8 Best Wireless Gaming Mouse 2022

A wireless mouse is an integral part of your gaming setup not just because it accompanies you everywhere, but also gives the precision and accuracy that is needed in a gaming setup. The speed and latency of a wireless gaming mouse depend on the mouse you choose. While looking for the best wireless gaming mouse, you would want to consider many factors. Some questions that you might want to get answered are about the battery life, the number of buttons it has, etc. You would certainly want to invest in a good wireless gaming mouse so that it can serve your requirements. If you are willing to buy a wireless gaming mouse, take a look at the options mentioned below:

1.  Logitech G502 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse

 The G502 Lightspeed Wireless is the most recent success of one of the favourite amongst the fans of Logitech. The model is named G502 Proteus Spectrum. It got an initial upgrade to use the Hero 16K DPI sensor when Logitech took the step to pair this superb gaming mouse with all-new Power Play technology, enabling it to be charged constantly when you use the Power Playmat. Even if there is no mat, it can still pack enough stamina, producing over 40 hours with a one-time charge. Some other specifications offered by this mouse include right-handed ergonomic, USB interface, 40+ hours of rechargeable battery, etc.

2. Corsair Dark core RGB Pro SE Gaming Mouse 

The all-new renewed version of Dark core RGB Pro SE puts focus on why this mouse is considered one of the best wireless gaming mouse since its initial launch in 2018. The credit goes to small advancements that have been made like Qi wireless charging, 18,000 DPI, 2,000 Hyper Polling, and a number lot many to count on.

It works properly when they are paired with a wireless charging pad. That is the most special part about this edition. It is a very fast mouse that works with a lot of accuracies. As Qi wireless charging mousepads are gaining popularity, Dark core is a good choice for gamers.

3. Razer Viper Ultimate Gaming Mouse 

This is another excellent wireless mouse that can be used for gaming. It is widely preferred by gaming enthusiasts who want a mouse that works with a lot of accuracies. The Viper Ultimate is the opposite of its counterpart, the Razer Basilisk Ultimate, compromising with the buttons for a lighter weight design.

The Viper Ultimate is very well equipped with the wireless transmission of Razer’s HyperSpeed, which provides the mouse a bandwidth of below 0.2ms and makes it just as quickly as its counterpart that is wired. There can be several reasons to buy this mouse-like 20,000 DPI sensor, Longer battery life, fast recharge time, etc.

4. Logitech G604 Lightspeed Gaming Mouse 

The Logitech G604 Lightspeed has lately become one of the most favourite gaming mice ever. It offers a very long battery life that makes it an ideal mouse to be used for gaming anywhere and everywhere. The company claims that this mouse can work for more than 200 hours on a one-time charge.

It is lesser flashy than a usual gaming mouse, but it offers all that a gamer can need. For beginners, a gaming mouse with six buttons on the thumb rest makes it a great choice for those who can remap the controls efficiently. There are a lot of features offered by this mouse that make it worth buying for all gaming enthusiasts.

5. HP Omen Photon Wireless Gaming Mouse

The HP Omen Photon is an excellent wireless gaming mouse that can avail your attention with a lot of high-standard features and a magnetic modular design. There are several pros of this mouse including modular buttons for movement, left-hand gripping, mechanical mouse switch, high DPI, wireless charging. There are several DPI presets offered by this gaming mouse.

It is a wireless flagship that uses a mod design that enables the players to swap out easily all the magnetic fixtures that make a left or right-handed gripping. It is a very good choice for those who are left-handed gamers and are searching for a Hugh standard mouse.

6. Logitech G PRO Superlight Gaming Mouse 

If you want a very light option as a gaming mouse, this is the best mouse you can opt for. It consists of a hard plastic body than a simple honeycomb pattern but it is very light in weight. The unique shape of this mouse is ideal for all sizes of hands and types of grip though, the users who have smaller hands might face difficulty in working with the frontward button.

As far as the performance aspect is considered, the sensor used in this mouse is Logitech HERO 25K sensor which offers a good consistency and you can set it exactly according to the CPI in increment till 50 within a vast bandwidth.

7. Razer Naga Pro

This is one of the most versatile options to consider in the range of the best wireless gaming mice. Three side panels can be swapped and include 12, 6, or 2 buttoned layouts so, you can choose the side panel that fits best irrespective of the genre o game that you play.

All the buttons can be programmed inclusive of the Left-right tilt options on the scrolling wheel, all through the companion software of Razer and it can be assigned a button of HyperShift to allow a second command layer. As far as performance is taken into consideration, this mouse offers a top-level performance that sets it aside from other gaming mice.

8. Roccat Kain 200 Aimo

Roccat Kain 200 Aimo

If comfort is your most topmost priority after the performance, this is the best wireless gaming mouse. It is a cable-free mouse that offers next-level comfort to you while you play your favourite game. It features a 20,000 DPI touch sensor, high battery power, easy controls, etc. There are numerous features offered by this mouse that can attract you to it.

These are some of the best wireless gaming mouse options which you can consider if you are willing to buy one. All of these options are unique yet excellent in their way. You can buy all of them both online and offline at any electronic store. The specifications offered by these mice differ from one another about price, shape, size, etc. However, all of them are efficient at their work and can make your gaming session enjoyable.

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