3 Best HDMI Cable For PC Gaming

Some people might not bring the small HDMI ports into notice on the graphics card as a symbol of a long-gone era. You will be surprised to know that the HDMI cables available in the present day market can keep the output to 4K which means it can help you in 4k gaming on your PC. For PC Gaming, an HDMI Cable can have different uses which make it worth buying. If you are into PC gaming, you must be requiring an HDMI Cable and if you’ve still not got one for your gaming set-up, follow this list below to know about the 3 best HDMI cables for PC gaming:

1. Amazon Basics High-Speed HDMI


Amazon offers a wide range of technical accessories which can be availed at a low cost. This smartly priced HDMI Cable is one of them. If you want a 1.8m version at $6/ £6, you can choose this cable over any other. It comprises lower frills; black plastic without any gold gold-layers terminals to prevent it from looking like it was in bundles. It might not be certified with the premium stands of HDMI, but it has some remarkable features like 18Gbps bandwidth and so many more. The Amazon Basics High-Speed HDMI can be availed in up to 10.6 m lengths and its design looks to scale up as little as you can reach to higher lengths as well.

There are several specifications of this HDMI Cable which include 1.8m to 10.6m in length. It is certified by CL3 and offers a high transfer speed of 18Gbps. There can be so many reasons to buy this cable including different length options, low price, etc. The price you can avail of such unique features is very low in comparison to other cables. There are many more features you’ll know once you start using it.

2. Onyx HDMI


Buy Onyx High-Speed HDMI Cable (15 Feet) - Supports Ethernet, 3D, 4K Ultra HD and Audio Return, MAX Series [HDMI 2.0a for HDR Imaging] Online at Best Price in India - SnapdealThe specifications of this HDMI Cable include a transfer speed of 18Gbps, 2-3m length, certified by the premium standards of HDMI. It comes in a sturdy design that looks very attractive to users. If you are looking for a cable that offers high durability, this I the best cable to go for. Its cabling is thicker than usual, with an added sheath of mesh on the top acting as armor against the legs of the chair. There are metallic outers in the connectors, which make them more strong and rigid. The fact that o is certified to the most recent premium standards of HDMI is in itself a good aspect. You can find many low-cost options as well, but this one works well.

This cable is supported on almost all gaming consoles and PC. You can use it while you are playing any kind of game regardless of its file size and genre. There are a lot more features of this cable to be considered if you want to use it, but you can know about these features only when you start using it. You can choose this option if you prioritize durability over anything else.

3. LINKUP Swivel Angle Connector HDMI 2.1 Cable


LINKUP] HDMI 4K Cable Ultra HD 360° Angle Swivel Digital Video Cord - Heavy Duty 28AWG - Extreme High Speed 18GB/s | 4096 x 2160 | Compatible with Apple Xbox PS4 PC Samsung TV - 6FT

The LINKUP Swivel Angle Connector HDMI 2.1 Cable has a lot to offer other than just 2.1 support got helping you in simplifying into the next generation gaming, but also provides different sell points of good flexibility as well. You must know that at every HDMI connecting point, there is a twist design and Swivel that indicates that the user can plug in the can and bend it to where it needs to be taken. If you are bothered about the amount of strain on the cars and how slack might seem to pull over the connectors’ then see could easily be the option to choose.

It is a very good HDMI connector cable that can work on all gaming consoles very smoothly. It is also very easy to connect and install too. You just need to make sure that the installation is proper to make sure that it functions properly. This cable can be used in PC gaming very efficiently. There are many excellent features that this cable has to offer to the users, but you need to start using it first to know more.

What do you mean by CL2 and CL3 ratings in terms of HDMI Cables? 

The CL2 and CL3 ratings in terms of HDMI cars refer to the amount of copper that is used to coat these cables and state their potential for handling high voltage for the installations made within the wall. The cables with CL2 rating are known to handle up to 150 volts and can be used at home, but, the cables with CL3 rating are meant to be installed for commercial purposes as they can handle nearly 300 volts. So, this rating defines the potential of the cables.

What should be the highest length of HDMI Cables?

The majority of the passive cables can work smoothly without any degradation in the signal up to nearly 20 Metres. Some can manage to work only at 5 meters. There are different ways by which you can increase the distance at which HDMI cable can work. Active cables can extend the distance much more, even by doubling the passive cables in a lot of cases. The cables made up of fiber optic can reach miles away.

This was all you need to know about the top 3 best HDMI cables for PC Gaming. There are different prices at which you can avail these cables, but all of them lie within your budget as they aren’t priced very high. You can find these cables at both online shopping offline stores dealing with gaming accessories and equipment. Though there are many cheap options available in the market, but the ones mentioned in this list above are best in every way. You must be very careful while choosing the right HDMI cable and determine it according to your needs.

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