Best PC Games of 2021

PC gaming has never gone out of fashion. There are a lot of reasons why gamers love playing games on a PC than playing them on a console. 

The variation of games you could get to see developed for PC is much more when compared to that developed for consoles. The graphical elements deployed in the making of the game are much better on PC which is the major selling aspect of the game developers. 

One cannot say that the games developed for the console have very poor graphics, but the kind of graphics used in PC cannot equal the graphics and other exciting elements included in the games developed for the console. Unlimited games can be played on PC, whereas consoles have a particular capacity to support the gameplay. 

With a lot of other reasons being stated as to why PC games are still the hot selling; the list of best games developed for gamers in the year 2021 should be taken note of to expand your gaming experience. 

1. Death LoopDeathloop beginner's guide: Tips and tricks for breaking the loop | Windows  Central

This is a first-person shooter game and it is developed for both Microsoft Windows as well as for PlayStation 5. The gameplay is about the assassin by the name called and he is stuck in a vicious loop of time and he has to kill eight targets to reach his destination and that has to be done before it strikes midnight as even if one person is alive within that period, all the efforts he has undertaken would turn out to be futile and he has to begin the game over and over again. The Game can also be played in a multiplayer form where different characters could be taken by the gamer to ensure the main character takes over the assassins and finishes the game before you reach the deadline. The game was released on 14, September 20, 21 and it has been receiving rave reviews ever since.

2. Resident Evil VillageResident Evil Village Full Game Performance a Bit Better on XSX, PS5 Has  Loading Time Edge

The Resident Evil Village is a survival game and it is based on the horror genre. The mode of gameplay is single-player and it is developed for several platforms like Microsoft, Windows, Playstation, Xbox, etc. 

There could be very few people who aren’t fans of horror and getting to play a game that is survival style based on horror setting is another added advantage. The game was released on the 7th of May 2021 and it has received many favorable reviews. The game is an updated version of Resident Evil 7. 

The action elements along with the protagonist are fighting with his combat skills. The setting of the game and the different characters incorporated in the gameplay is what make it very interesting. Though initially there were a lot of complaints about the PC version of the game, the game developers have taken enough steps to improvise the gameplay thus ensuring an engaging one. 

3. Age of Empires 4

Age of Empires 4 price, system requirements, and everything else we know |  PCGamesN

Age of Empires 4 is a strategy game developed keeping the historical battles that were fought way back in the past and that shape the world. If you are a fan of history, then you have to play this game. 

You could live the life of Joan of Arc and play the role of a commander who fights against Genghis Khan.

The decisions you take to protect your army ultimately form the winning strategy and take you to the conquered land. The innovative methods you deploy to win the game using the different game modes by customization make it very interesting. 

This is a multiplayer game mode where you could compete with your friends and enjoy going back in time and playing the game with your friends in the present. 

The game doesn’t require too much memory space to run. Only 8GB Ram is much more than sufficient to support the game and the storage capacity is only 50 GB. The game is best played on the Windows platform. 

4. HumankindAll 60 cultures for 'Humankind' have been revealed ahead of release

This game was released on the 17th of August 2021 for Microsoft Windows. You can compare the features of the game with the civilization series. The growth of humans across different civilizations, ranging from the nomadic age to the present city lifestyle is the main theme of the game. How the humans have built the civilization by making use of the different resources available at that respective time forms the gameplay. The game can be played both in single-player as well as multiplayer form. The best strategy to build the game would ultimately decide the winner. If you are not a huge fan of fantasy or sci-fi, then you are supposed to play this game, which incorporates a lot of practical elements into the gameplay. 

5. Bio mutant25 Minutes of BioMutant Gameplay - PAX 2017 - YouTube

Biomutant is an action-based game which is developed by THQ Nordics. The game was released on the 25th of May 2021 for platforms like Microsoft Windows and PlayStation. The gameplay is set in an open world where the player has to take the role of mammalian warrior and he has to fight against the world which is completely raged by the mutated animals. They are all very hard to handle and this warrior has to fight against the various other hard characters to win the game. The characters keep updating themselves by mutation and thus making the gameplay even tougher. The first level of the game is filled with actions that are not hard but as the levels progress, the level of actions increases rapidly to another level. 

A lot of threatening situations are given to the gamer and he has to fight against all the odds. Different combat mechanisms can be included and various attacks can be made by the main character against the mutated characters which appear in the gameplay. 

6. Jurassic World Evolution 2Jurassic World Evolution 2 Review – A Dynamic And Deadly Park-Building  Experience - Game Informer

If you are a huge fan of the Jurassic world, then you are supposed to download this single-player game released by Frontier developments. This is a simulation style of game and it was released very recently. The game is seen as a successor to the Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom. The iconic characters from the Jurassic world film are deployed in the making of the game. 

The main role of the character is to contain the different dinosaurs, which rampage the lands of the United States of America. The player has to use creative options and different techniques to hire new people and shape the dinosaur park to meet the requirements of the dinosaurs so that they don’t go and destroy the world outside. The game feels like building your dinosaur movie with the kind of features provided to the gamers. The engaging gameplay and excellent use of graphical elements in the game make it very attractive to the gamers that you don’t feel that the time is fleeing as you stick yourself to the screen. 

These are the list of games you should never miss out on while looking out for playing the best games released in the year 2021 for PC. One could without any doubt say that investing in buying the right PC games would provide you with unlimited entertainment. The compatibility of the PC games with any operating system is massive and it is not like the other games developed for certain platforms which makes it very less compatible for PC gaming. 

It is always recommended to buy the original version of the game rather than using the cracked version of the game for you could make use of all the features available to the gamers. Though there are a lot of other games that were released in the year 2021, this list provides you with the set of best games one could enjoy playing and never regret even a single penny for purchasing the game. 

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