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RAM also referred to as random access memory is extremely crucial while playing games on personal computers. Without much RAM, personal computers will not be that much efficient in storing information. The basic function of RAM is to hold data for a short period. The information will be cleared from one’s personal computers as soon as the computer will be shut down. However, without an adequate amount of RAM, the computers will not be able to work effectively. It might slow down to a large extent.

RAM plays a major role in gaming. If an adequate amount of RAM is installed on the computers, then all the basic data of a game program will be installed in the RAM. All the basic necessary information will be installed in the RAM. An adequate amount of RAM should be installed on the computers, to facilitate better loading of games.

 1. Team XtreemBuy T-Force Xtreem ARGB 32GB (16GBX2) DDR4 3600MHz Gaming RAM -

The Team Xtreem is one of the best gaming RAMs available in the market today. It has great efficiency and is way more effective than other gaming RAMs. Moreover, it will be an ideal choice for computer owners because it has great memory storage. The memory storing capacity of this RAM is considerably high as compared to others. Another reason for opting for this particular RAM is that it is available at a cheap price. This is available at a cheap rate, which makes it easier for owners to purchase it.

Another eye-catching feature of this RAM is that it provides an excellent lighting effect. It gives you an excellent lighting effect even in the dark mode. Thus, this will be one of the best RAMs for the gaming process. 

2. Corsair Dominator Platinum Buy Corsair Dominator Platinum Series 16GB 2 x 8GB DDR4 DRAM 3200MHz PC4-25600 C16 Memory Kit Online at Low Prices in India | Corsair Reviews & Ratings

The original version of this has been an all-time favorite in the market for many years. It has a fascinating model design that is extremely eye-catching for customers. The original kit has amazing cooling technology as well. The exterior design makes it fascinating for many consumers in the market. However, it has upgraded itself with a new kit known as the Corsair Dominator Platinum. The price of the original and the upgraded version of the kit do not differ much. However, it has amazing technology, great backup, making it an ideal choice for computer owners.

Moreover, the upgrade in the RGB lighting effect is something to be mentioned of. They have installed new LEDs that make it ideal for functioning in the dark mode. It provides an amazing glow-up effect. Thus it is also an equally ideal choice for gaming.

3. G. Skill Trident Z Buy G.SKILL Trident Z Neo 32GB (2 * 16GB) DDR4 3600MHz CL18-22-22-42 1.35V Desktop Memory RAM - F4-3600C18D-32GTZN Online at Low Prices in India | G.Skill Reviews & Ratings

This is an upgraded version of the model G.Skill Trident Z RGB. This RAM has ruled the market for years now. Now, this has come up with a new, fancy version known as the G. Skill Trident Z Neo. This model surpasses the original version in terms of memory storage. Moreover, it also provides great backup storage. Another important variation that needs to be spoken of is that it provides an excellent RGB lighting effect.

The overall function of this model is similar to that of its older version. However, it is designed with powerful RGB LEDs that help to function effectively in the dark theme. The speed quality of this RAM is also worth mentioning. This is also available at an economical rate, making it one of the best RAMs for gaming.

4. G. Skill Trident Z RoyalG.Skill Trident Z Royal Elite 32 GB (2 x 16 GB) DDR4 4600 MHz CL20 - Silver - PC RAM G.Skill on LDLC

This is an amazing gaming RAM ruling the market for several years now. Its amazing backup storage quality makes it the perfect choice for gaming. It provides an excellent memory storage capacity as well. It is designed with high-speed technology, which makes the downloading process very easy. The amazing speed technology system enables the downloading process easier.

Also, because of this feature, the entire data of the gaming system is downloaded very easily in the RAM. This makes the gaming process smooth without any problems. The internal storage of this particular RAM is extremely good. It has high memory storing capacity as well. Its sleek exterior is extremely fascinating and eye-catching. Thus, it is an ideal choice for the gaming process. 

5. Kingston HyperX PredatorPredator DDR4 w/ RGB Lights - 2933MHz–4000MHz/8GB-64GB - Kingston Technology

Kingston HyperX Predator RAM kit has been an all-time favorite in the market. This particular RAM kit is designed with high-speed technology and a fascinating design. The exterior design is what attracts consumers towards it. The overall performance of this kit is extremely good. With high internal storage and good memory backup, this makes the gaming process enjoyable. It fully understands the needs of the consumers as well.

Another important fact to be mentioned is its price. This RAM kit is quite affordable and economical. This is available at a cheap rate. This is what makes it one of the best RAMs for gaming in the market. It facilitates quick downloading within a short period. This is also a very good option for gaming.

6. Kingston HyperX FuryBuy Kingston Technology HyperX Fury Memory Blue 4GB 1600MHz DDR3 - PowerPlanetOnline

This RAM kit surpasses all the other RAM kits available in the Indian market. It is designed beautifully making it fascinating to consumers. It is backed up with ultra-high-speed technology. It is also quite durable and fancy. The high-speed technology facilitates better downloading of the gaming data. It is also less time-consuming. The data is downloaded very quickly and is stored in the RAM. 

Another major advantage of this RAM kit is that it provides an auto-detection system. Also, it is a budget-friendly option. The price of this particular RAM kit is very economical, making it a good option for many consumers in the market.

7. Ballistik Sport Gray16GB Crucial Ballistix Sport LT PC4-19200 2400MHz DDR4 Dual Memory Kit (2x8GB) - Gray

If looking for a good quality RAM kit model, at a cheap rate, then this is the one. It comes with a limited lifetime guarantee. However, it is one of the best options for beginners. This RAM kit can be installed very easily on laptops and personal computers. This also has a good internal storage capacity. Most significantly, this RAM or random access memory is a budget-friendly alternative.

This also provides high-speed technology, which facilitates better downloading of the games. The data of the games are installed very quickly in the RAM. It is not time-consuming. It is available at a lower price. This is one of the best options for beginners.

RAM serves an important function in the gaming process. Once, a good quality RAM is installed, it facilitates better downloading of the data. With high speed and good durability, it makes the gaming process quite enjoyable. Moreover, the biggest advantage of installing RAM is that it does not load the device easily. There are several budget-friendly options available in the markets well. With its fascinating features, RAM has played an important role in not only gaming but also in other aspects as well.

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