Best UPS Battery Back-Up for PC Gaming

A UPS battery backup might not be an ordinary purchase for people while they are shopping for a high-range gaming PC setup, but it is an essential part of your gaming setup. The most reliable power supply will provide uninterrupted power and will also protect your PC against the slightest fluctuations in power. This means till the time your PC has a good power supply unit, it is assured to receive clean power. A UPS for PC Gaming might not be a permanent solution for power loss, but it is an important way from the instant power loss. If you are suffering from such a loss, you should go for a good UPS that can make use of an internal battery for delivering a slow power flow for a short petite of time. 

UPS protects your Gaming PC from any kind of electrical and technical shocks that may harm your device. Sometimes UPS may have problems due to battery backup for any kind of gaming PC. In this article let us discuss the best UPS, which works with guidance that can have a huge difference before buying it. Here, we will discuss some of the best UPS battery backups which are required for PC gaming. These are as follows: 

1. Cyber Power CP1500PFCLCDCP1500PFCLCD - PFC Sinewave UPS Series - Product Details, Specs, Downloads | CyberPower

It is mini power compact UPS with a best-collaborating structure as well as provides the fastest battery backup. It also protects several devices like gaming PC, workstations, home entertainment systems, and communications device that requires a PFC power interface. The UPS comes with a wide range of voltages such as 850 VA, 1000 VA, 1350 VA and the one requires for gaming PC is the 1500 VA. It is also having a multi-color LCD control panel to check the status and alerts quickly. The screen slightly tilts for a quick view when the U is placed as low as a desk.

This model also comes with an automation voltage regulation that controls any kind of voltage fluctuations. It is having a green power option which helps to reduce power consumption by 75%. It is having several advantages like it is specially designed to protect gaming PC and workstations, coming with various outlets located at the back, and having a multifunctional LCD where you can check the battery status, load levels, and other information. The only disadvantage is the sockets are well designed at the back, but it is difficult to reach when it is needed. Moreover, it is one of the leading UPS for PC gaming.

2. APC APC UPS, 850VA UPS Battery Backup & Surge Protector & UPS, 600VA UPS Battery Backup & Surge Protector, BE600M1 Backup Battery Power Supply, USB Charger, Back-UPS Series Uninterruptible Power Supply :

It helps to protect the workspace with a battery backup of up to 12 minutes of ongoing time in half-line or a minimum of 3 minutes for complete loading, also allows the user to save activity or to protect critical connection during any outrages of power. The fine built of a USB port helps to charge your mobile phones as well. It is having a 330-watt back battery which protects your gaming PC from unnecessary electric shocks. It helps to keep your modems and speakers in a good state. One of the best ways to use this model is to combine it with powerful 1000VA.

 Your PC and network connection are safe and it is necessary when you play games online. It also helps to write an email or important document which will have more time to save your urgent work. This model relies on a sine wave machine and has a USB port that helps you to charge phones and other kinds of devices. This model is having various advantages as it comes with seven outlets, USB charge ports for mobile phones, a surge protection feature system, and is very easy to handle. The only disadvantage is it makes beep noises and has one USB charging port.

3. Tripp Lite SMART 1500 Tripp Lite SMART1500LCD 1500VA Smart UPS Battery Back Up, 900W Rack-Mount/Tower, LCD, AVR, USB, DB9, 3 Year Warranty & Dollar 250,000 Insurance Black : Electronics

The Trip Lite is an American model which is based in Chicago. It specializes in the production of UPS and manufactures equipment, cables, and communications, etc. It is also one of the best models for Gaming PC. It is shown as a nice box, but its UPS has the fastest connections. It weighs around 12kgs and the product size is about 49cm*23cm*28cm. The model is having a blue LCD screen that stands at the front of the application for its users, who can track the input/output power, battery power, and UPS load. 

The UPS can be controlled with PC power management options or with Tripp Lite software. It has lines are which are vulnerable and also cause power outrage which can damage your device. This device adds line data protection and keeps your phone and modems secure. It delivers a battery backup AC power guard, which is against shutdowns, electrical heavens, and blackouts that may cause damage to electronics. It helps to equip backup to your PC which helps to back up the battery mode. This model is having various features such as 10 outlets which make it a dependable product.

4. Cyber Power CP1500AVRLCDCyberPower CP1500AVRLCD Review

Another one in this list of UPS battery backups for PC Gaming is this model developed by CP1500AVRLCD. CP refers to Cyber power. The power capacity in terms of volt-amperes is indicated by the number 1500. LCD states the fact that the product has an LCD screen. AVR is the abbreviated form of automatic voltage regulation that enables stability in the device for the incoming signals of AV and maintains them at 120 volts. PFC is the short form of power factor correction, which can decrease the reactive amount of power generated by the computers and decreases the total power consumption. 

It provides an uninterrupted power supply during PC gaming by using the technology of pure sine wave. Also, the AVR model depends on the simulation of the sine wave. Both of them have equal battery consumption. The 900W/1500 VA enables the users to use their PC at 500W for 10 minutes. Both the models comprise 12 sources which are divided evenly between surge protection and backup. If you find that your PC is sensitive to AC, prevent the modified version of the sine wave. This model comes at a cheaper price than the rest of the systems and offers unique features.

5. Cyber Power EC650LCDEC650LCD - Ecologic UPS Series - Product Details, Specs, Downloads | CyberPower

Next in this list comes this product from Cyber power which is known to be part of the series of environmentally friendly UPS and focuses on conservation of energy. It is the best low-cost UPS for PC Gaming requires having a great capacity of power. It cannot be impressive enough in this aspect. It offers a capacity of 350W which can provide nearly 4 minutes of complete power before shutting down your device. Mid and low-ranged PCS are assured not to be hassled with small power capacity, but the high-range PCs will get affected. It is low priced and environmentally friendly. This is recommended to use if you are not using a high-range gaming PC. 

This product doesn’t focus on the power capacity, but also conservation of power. It has distinctive features which make it top-rated UPS for PC Gaming. The ECO button option enables the power-saving capacity that depends on the eco outlet tiered system. These outlets are all labelled, energy-saving, and always active. PC is intended to get plugged into the main outlet, but the other ones like speakers and monitors must be plugged into all energy-efficient slots. There are a lot more features offered by this UPS battery that can enhance your PC gaming session. 

These are some of the best UPS battery backups for PC Gaming you must consider if you are into gaming. The importance of using a UPS battery backup has also been discussed above to help you know why you need to buy one. If your gaming set-up doesn’t have a UPS battery backup yet, you must get one to avoid power fluctuations. You can choose one from this list of best UPS battery backups as it comprises both high-cost and low-cost options you can consider. Investing in UPS battery backup is worth it for a gaming PC to work efficiently without any kind of fluctuations in power.

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