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If you are planning to buy a TV and looking at a huge variety of important things such as power-packed performance, affordability, and standout features. The newly launched PlayStation 5 has hit the market and the gamers are waiting to witness an amazing gaming experience. But whether it is a PlayStation or Xbox, you need to purchase the best gaming TV to enjoy the gaming experience.

So in this article is about some of the latest gaming TV which gamers can purchase and have an amazing gaming atmosphere. Gaming TV is a large screen-based monitor where the gamer can play the game and feel like he is having an experience in nearby theatres. Nowadays these TVs are providing the best gaming monitors in the terms of fidelity.

Let us discuss the best 5 gaming TVs which are leading the market, they are as follows:


The LG C1 OLED is the best gaming TV that is currently leading the market. This TV is best for gaming because it is having various features, and delivers amazing picture quality. The TV is available in various sizes and comes up with a modern stand that looks nice in any set-up.

This TV provides amazing picture quality for darkroom gaming as OLEDs provide a specific infinite contrast ratio that gives a perfect black uniformity. It is also providing amazing gaming features such as supporting Free Sync and HDMI Forum variable refresh rate and also having G-Sync which is compatible to reduce screen tearing.

Its motion is smooth and has low input lag. But OLED can suffer a permanent burn if you watch the same content repeatedly. It is overall the best gaming TV which is having an OLED panel. Its specifications include 4k resolution, OLED type, WRGB sub-type.

The best part is that you can avail this TV model in different sizes like 77”, 48”, 83”, 55” and 66”. You are going to be amazed by the kind of visuals it offers and the resolution. It is going to take your gaming experience to yet another level for sure.

2. Samsung QN90A QLED

Samsung QN90A QLED

The Samsung QN90A QLED is one of the best gaming is having an LED panel. This type of LED TV does not suffer any permanent burn, thus the gamer can use this TV and you no need to worry about any damages that may harm the screen.

It is having in various sizes and all of them will perform like a 55-inch model which has was tested earlier. But 43 inches is not having a VR and is limited to only a 60Hz panel. It is having an HDMI 2.1 input which allows taking full advantage of PlayStation devices. It is having only one input which is a disadvantage and for this, you need an HDMI 2.1 compatible receiver which can be required to hook up several devices.

It is having a quick motion and the games feel responsive due to its low input lag. This TV is also having Free Sync and G Sync support to reduce screen tearing. It is also having a mini LED local dimming feature that helps to produce deep blacks. However, this TV is one of the best for gaming. The specifications offered by this TV are 4K resolution, LEF type, VA subtype, and different sizes are 55”, 43”, 65”, 85”, 75”, and 50”.

3. TCL 55 R617 

TCL 55 R617 

If you are looking to buy a budget-friendly gaming TV then you can for the TCL series. This TV has improved from its previous models and it is great for gaming TV. It is having full- array local dimming which means the contrast ratio is highly impressive and the blacks are nice and deep.

It is having a decent HDR and provides quite colourful games. It features black and dark tones which is better than color tones. It also offers excellent voice control and is best for PlayStation devices as the TV is providing a huge gaming quality.

The sizes in which you can get this TV are 55”, 75” and 65”. The resolution offered is 4k. It is of LED type and weighs 38.2 lbs. Many other aspects of this gaming TV are remarkable. You can consider all these aspects if you are willing to buy them.

The best part is the price at which it comes and it happens to be the most ideal choice for people who are budget conscious and don’t want to spend a lot of money on gaming equipment. It is very easy to operate and can be used easily by all gaming enthusiasts for regular gaming.

4. LG G1 


You must have heard about the latest LG G1 model. It’s the 2021 version of the old LG CX model. The latest version comes with enhanced image processing, meaning that it offers a better visual experience to viewers while streaming games and movies. However, people are extremely doubtful whether the latest model is worthy of its high price because, considering the affordability of the CX model, they opine that it represented better value overall.

But on the other hand, one cannot overlook the features that LG G1 offers. It is equipped with new gaming techniques. The model offers 4K 120Hz, VRR, and ALLM on all its four HDMI ports. Also, the input lag level is now low.

The best part is users can customise the gaming modes based on their choices. As you play different games, you can customise the gaming mode accordingly. If you set it on the FPS mode, it would ensure viewers are getting the best possible response time. If you set it on RPG, you would experience enhanced image processing. This mode makes things look visually enhanced.

5. Hisense 44 A6G 

Hisense 44 A6G 

The next popular gaming TV model in today’s market is a Hisense 44 A6G. Do you know what features does it offer? Well, to begin with, it’s a well-designed, large-sized television at an unexpected price. This device is priced aggressively and offers both HDR10+ and Dolby Vision HDR to its users. Besides that, it also supports VRR and ALLM modes of

HDMI 2.1 on each of its HDMI inputs. Users have found this model impressive, considering its pride. The motion control aspect of it is quite natural and detail enhancement isn’t aggressive. Overall, it offers a realistic life-like streaming experience.

If you want to get the best gaming TV for your gaming set-up, this is going to be a great choice for you. This TV offers some high-quality graphics which cannot be found in any other TV of this kind usually. You can get it on any online or offline store dealing with game-related accessories and equipment. It might be the last one on this list you but it is going to be very appealing to you.

Here was a list of the top 5 best gaming TV you can take a look through. All of these options which are included in this list are great to go for. You can find them both online and offline stores, particularly those which deal with gaming equipment.

If you want the best gaming TV for yourself or the gaming setup you have developed at your home, you can opt for an option from the above-mentioned list. You should also note that this list comprises both expensive and budget-friendly options which make it easier for you to choose the one that suits your budget. You can easily ones that suit your budget in this list put above.

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